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1. What Is Camera Recycle Centre Australia?

Camera Recycle Centre Australia is a reliable company that make tireless efforts to reduce the old camera wastes from the landfill of Australia. We have a team of experienced professionals who gather old and unused cameras, open their every part and pack them in a segregated and organised manner. After that, we send the parts to the respective companies.

2. Which Location Do You Cover In Australia?

We collect old, damaged, outdated cameras from every part of the country where you live in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast; you can easily connect with us and send your camera to us. To know more about your specific location, you can contact us.

3. How Can I Send My Camera To Your Centre?

If you have an old camera at your place that is not good enough to use, you can give it to us for recycling instead of throwing it into the junkyard. To know the exact process, contact our customer service department and let them know about your location and what cameras you exactly have. Our professionals will guide you! All you need to do is to visit some nearby place and drop off your camera at the mentioned place, and we will take care of that rest.

4. What Kind Of Cameras Do You Recycle?

We recycle all kinds of cameras. Whether it is digital cameras, point & shoot cameras, DSLR, camcorders and video cameras, security cameras, dash cameras and backup camera systems, or doorbell cameras, we are a one-stop recycling centre for all your cameras.

5. Does Film Cameras also included in Electronic Waste?

Digital cameras are also considered electronic waste. If you are not sure, you can always contact our customer support department, and they will let you know. However, if your camera is in working condition, we would suggest you sell or donate it to a local charity. It will give you peace of mind and keep a usable item out of the junkyard.

6. What Are The Benefits Of Camera Recycling?

The benefits of camera recycling include the protection of Mother Nature, preserve natural resources, create a new market and more new jobs, reduce global warming and many more. That is why we always advise recycling your electronic items.

7. Do You Charge Get The Unused Camera?

We neither pay to our customers in exchange of their cameras nor ask for money to recycle them. Our company is recycling cameras for the last many years because we believe it is our responsibility to make some valuable contribution towards nature.

8. How Much Experience Do You Have In Recycling Old Cameras?

We are recycling cameras for the last many years. We have established as a reliable name in the market, and it won't be unfair to say that we are one of its kind company. At the moment, we have more than 700 customers, recycled more than 2000 cameras and more than 170 companies are associated with us.

9. Do you also recycle other electronic Items?

No, we only recycle different types of cameras at Camera Recycle Centre Australia. However, we stay connected with other recycling centres of the country and help them in recycling other electronic items like an old television, unused computers, damaged mobile phones, etc.

10. How do you recycle the cameras?

To recycle the cameras, first, we collect and transport the camera waste materials. After that, we check the camera thoroughly and see if there is any possibility to repair them and make them work. Then, we do the shredding of the camera and sort different parts of the camera. After that, we properly clean them, segregate and pack them. Finally, send them to the respective companies. If you want to know about the process in detail, visit our process page.