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About Camerarecycle

Camera Recycle Centre Australia is one of the best recycling companies for your cameras. It was established many years ago with an objective to maintain excellent environmental standards and serve the photographic industry of the country. As the technology is changing so rapidly, different models of smartphones are now available in the market at a reasonable price. These phones come with excellent lenses, which allow people to do to quality photography without using heavy and complicated cameras. That is why the cameras have quickly become outdated. And when people find it useless, they toss it into the garbage that ends up in the landfill. By recycling different types of cameras, we try to slow down the accumulation of e-waste in landfills.

We Are Reliable

You can completely rely on us because we are a reputed company. If you forget to remove your memory card while giving your camera, we will send it back.

We Are Responsible

We understand that e-waste is a massive challenge, and thus we make efforts to reduce the negative impact of electronic items.

We Equipped

To recycle of the cameras, we have all the knowledge, enough workforce and latest machinery.

We are Unique

You won't find enough companies who are working in the recycling of old cameras. So support us with giving old cameras.


Give your old and damaged camera to us so that we recycle it perfectly.

Irrespective of the types of the cameras or its condition, we take everything!!

Our Founders

Camera Recycle Centre Australia was established many years ago and founded by a group of friends. They shared a common interest, and that was to recycle cameras and reduce the electronic waste from the landfill in Australia. Two of them are Richardson brothers, while the third is a common friend. Here is detailed information about our founders.

Marcus Richardson

Marcus is a mechanical engineer who also likes to do photography.

Andrew Richardson

Andrew is also an engineer and quite knowledgeable about the repair of electronics items.

Alex Meredith

Alex belongs to a completely different genre and is an Environmental Scientist.


The Richardson brothers and Alex Meredith decided that recycling cameras can be a great idea, so they started doing that. While Marcus and Andrew start focusing on a repair and opening different parts of the camera, Alex started looking into the recycling part, gathering the cameras, moving parts to their respective places and so on.

Stats & Facts

The company that was started by the three partners on their own stared at a very small scale. However, over the years, it becomes successful, and today, the company has 750 customers, 170 associate companies, and 70 team members.

Expand Locations

It was started in Sydney, but now we cover all major cities of the country, including Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and many more.


We want to make Australia free from electronic waste. This, in turn, will make the environment cleaners and greener.


We want to become the biggest recycling centre for the camera in the world. We also want people to opt for more and more recycling options.


Within one year, we want to recycle more the 1000 cameras, satisfy more clients, and associate with more organisations.