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Why Recycling of Camera is Important for Environment

It might surprise you that Australians are one of the highest users of technology. As a result of that, e-waste is also growing rapidly. E-waste can contain dangerous materials such as beryllium and mercury that pose environmental risks. So, we recycle cameras that are damaged and not working anymore. Here are some benefits of recycling of cameras.

Conserve Existing Natural Resources

By recycling cameras, we recover the valuable materials present inside the product, which conserves natural resources.

Protect Environment

E-waste contains toxic substances like lead, mercury, and cadmium. By recycling cameras, we protect the environment to some extent.

Creates Jobs

Recycling old cameras and other electronic items will create more jobs for professional recyclers. People across Australia buy cameras according to their specific requirements. Some people buy DSLR cameras for photography and videography. However, the technology keeps on changing and electronic items get outdated quickly. According to the survey people changes their cameras in every . 12 to 36 months. We are here to recycle all types of cameras using proper techniques. This will create more jobs and help you establish a great career as a professional recycler. If you are interested in recycling your old cameras, call us today. We are one of the trusted names in the electronics recycling industry in Australia.

Reduce Global Warming

By removing e-waste, we can clean the landfills, which will ultimately reduce the amount of methane gas and CO2. This will reduce global warming. We, at Camera Recycle, understand that e-waste is a huge collection, and thus our experts strive hard to minimise the negative impact of electronic devices. We are the leading company which deals in recycling old cameras. So, feel free to contact us and support our business. Our professionals will make the process easy for you, and that’s our promise.


Do you have any cameras that you no longer use, old, or broken?

Whether you are camera is working or not, Camera Recycle Centre Australia accepts any unwanted digital and analogue film cameras. For more information, contact us!

Our experts follow an environmentally-friendly recycling process which includes the shredding and sorting of the e-waste, extraction of dust, separation of metal, scanning of waste stream, and preparing recycled items as raw materials. So, let’s make our planet a safe place to live by recycling your e-waste with us.

Types of Cameras We Recycle

People purchase cameras as per their different requirements. Some people opt for DSLR cameras for photography, while other likes to shoot videos. But as technology is changing so rapidly, electronic items become outdated quickly. According to a survey, Australian changes their camera in every 12 to 36 months. Therefore, we recycle all types of cameras that are commonly used.

Digital Cameras, Point & Shoot Cameras

Almost every household have point & shoot or digital cameras because they are very reasonable in price. We recycle such cameras

DSLR cameras

If you have purchased professionals cameras and now it is damaged or completely outdated, then you can give it to us.

Camcorders and video cameras

Some people are more interested in shooting videos instead of capturing images. We also recycle these types of cameras.

Security cameras

As technology changing so quickly, even security cameras also get outdated quickly. We also accept such items for recycling.

Dash cameras and backup camera systems

These types of cameras are basically used in vehicles to improve safety. If you such cameras that are not working or damaged, contact us.

Doorbell cameras

Camera Recycle Centre Australia also accepts doorbell cameras for recycling. These cameras stop working after a few years. Contact us if you want to recycle them.




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Team Members

Why Choose Us?

Easy to Donate

Donating your old camera in good condition is one of the best ways to put it up for reusing. Through this gesture, you can help budding artists to get the means he/she needs to pursue their passion for photography. Whether you live in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide or Melbourne, you can easily donate your old damaged camera to us. Contact us, and we will let you know where you can drop your camera somewhere near your locality.

Protects Nature

Do you know Australia has a waste management and recycling problem? It impacts our current situation and jeopardises the future of coming generations. If you toss your old camera in the garbage, then it will end up in the landfill, which pollutes the environment. By helping us to recycle the camera, you will do something good for nature. So, if you are concerned for the environment, then we can help you. With our help, protect the planet!

Get Peace of Mind

It is a great feeling when you know your old, damaged camera is not in the landfill. When it is recycled or used for some good cause, you get peace of mind, and that is very important. We have helped many people send their used cameras in a good state for reusing by people passionate about photography, but they cannot afford to invest in a new one. Thus, our contributors often feel good.

We Are Reliable

You can completely trust the staff at Camera Recycle Centre Australia as we only want to help recycle your items and make sure there is personal pictures on it. If you have left your memory card behind, we will help return it to you so that you have your personal stuff back.

We Are One of a Kind

One of the best reasons to choose us is that we are the only organisation that is aiming to recycle cameras. We have initiated this as an effective means to end wastage and allow other people to use old recycled cameras so that they can also pursue their dreams at affordable rates.

We Help the Unfortunates

The cameras we receive through our individual clients and associate companies first go for a thorough check-up. We always check if any of the cameras are working or not. If it can work after some repair work, then we repair it and send to people who need a camera but afford a new one.

Our Testimonials

Our Team

We are backed by a team of experienced and skilled professionals who helped us to recycle the cameras of different types in the best possible manner. Owing to their expertise, we have recycled thousands of cameras. Let’s look at our most important team members.

George Smith

He is a mechanical engineer who is working with us since we started the store. He handles a team of engineers.

Andrew Watson

Andrew and his teams have expertise in identifying different cameras parts and repair them at the earliest.

Emma White

She is an active environmentalist and makes efforts to keep us connect with common people and organisations.

What Else We Do?

Apart from recycling the cameras, there are also some other responsibilities that we take care of. These responsibilities help us to perform our work in a better manner. Here are the tasks that we do with complete dedication and commitment.

Creation of awareness programs

We have a team of professionals who create awareness programs for people across Australia. Through our program, we educate people about the danger of e-waste, particularly cameras.

Work With NGOs

They also work with different NGO’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and many other places. Through them, we try to make cameras available to people who desperately need a camera but can’t afford them.

Research on e-waste

E-Waste is a massive problem that Australia is facing at the moment. So, we not only look to recycle cameras but also study and research on the problem. It helps us to tackle the problem in a much-organised manner. With a comprehensive research approach, Australia can address e-waste in a more organised and sustainable manner, safeguarding the environment and conserving valuable resources for future generations.

Help other Recycling Centres

Not only focus on camera recycling but also help other centres across the country that recycles televisions, mobile phones and other similar electronic items. We coordinate with them and provide every possible help to them. We provide support, knowledge sharing, and resources to help them improve their recycling processes and enhance their overall e-waste management efforts. By extending our assistance beyond cameras, we contribute to a more comprehensive and effective e-waste recycling network throughout Australia.

Collect Cameras from Home

We recycle cameras, and to do that, we do not hesitate to go that extra mile for your convenience. If anyone has a problem with sending the cameras to us, we collected them from their home. If individuals face difficulties in sending their cameras to us, we go the extra mile by offering a collection service, picking up the cameras directly from their homes.


We have also joined hands with various organisations in different cities, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. These organisations are also concerned about the growing problem of e-waste, and thus, they help us collect more and more cameras and recycle them